TR Style Reel Dispensing Rack

  • Heavy Duty Trolleys and Channels
  • Can handle multiple Reels per Axle, up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Wear Resistant Trolleys, reduce friction and noise
  • Double or Triple deth
  • 2 to 3 Levels High
  • 8'. 10' or 12' High Frames
  • Heavy Duty Trolley Locks
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TR Style Reel Dispensing Rack

(2nd & 3rd images above are views of the Heavy Duty Trolley Assemblies)

Note:  All Racking is custom and cannot be returned

Sizing Requirements:

  • To Determine Overall Length Of Rack, Add 3" Per Upright Frame
  • Deduct 10" From Width Opening To Determine Maximum Reel Width Per Section
  • The Width needs to be 10" Wider than your largest reel.
Reel Rack Accessories:
  •  Inventory Card Holders
  •  DDR Guides - Wire Guides