Paralleling Reels - High Capacity

PR3B - 3 Compartments - 1225 ft of 500 MCM per Compartment

PR4B - 4 Compartments - 875 ft of 500 MCM per Compartment

PR5B - 5 Compartments - 650 ft of 500 MCM per Compartment

"The Rugged Reels"

Stronger than Competitive Models

  • Solid Steel Rings
  • Heavy Duty "T"-Bar End Ring Spokes
  • Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel Drum




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Standard Features


  •  18" Core, 45" O.D., 33" Drum Length, 36" Overall Length
  • 1.56" Arbor Hole Standard - Larger Available upon request
  • Solid Steel Rings
  • Exceptionally Heavy Metal Throughout
  • Heavy Gauge 18" Diameter Center Drum is the proper diameter for wrapping cable.  It exceeds the minimum recommended bending radius of most cable.  Pull larger cable on to small diameter reels or coilers may cause damage to wire and insulation.

Note:  Wire capacity estimating information will affect capacity by variables in tension, lay, material type, etc..

*Custom Arbor Holes Sizes available by request.


  • Model 948L A-Frame
  • Model 948L-CM Wheel Kit