A-Frame Payout Stand

A-Frame Traveler Pay-Out Series

Model 948L Reel Capacity 48" Diameter x 36" Wide x 8,000 lbs.

Model 960L Reel Capacity 60" Diameter x 38" Wide x 8,000 lbs.

Model 972L Reel Capacity 72" Diameter x 42" Wide x 8,000 lbs.

Model 984L Reel Capacity 84" Diameter x 48" Wide x 12,000 lbs.

***Add Mobility with 4-Locking Swivel Caster Set:  948L-CM***


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(Image #2 above shows A-Frame Traveler PayOut Locked and Loaded with Model PR5-1FS Paralleling Reels Asm)

Standard Features

  • 1.5 Diameter Reinforced Axle Shaft Standard 
  • Welded Axle Shaft Lock Mechanism Standard
  • Replaceable, Wear Resistant Axle Supports 

  • Safer Means of Transportation to and from the job site
  • Prevents Damage to the Compartment Reel from Mishandling While Loading
  • Prevents Theft or Switching the Compartment Reel with an inferior competitors model
  • Safe, Quiet and Smooth Pay-Off
  • 2-Units fit in 8' Flat-Bed

  • 948RW Wheel Kit


 *****Heavy Duty Locking Capability*****
(Image #5 above shows locking assembly)
Keeps Reels Safe During Transport
And Stops Theft or Switching
Inferior Compartment Reels with ours