Center Hung Single Depth Reel Racking

36", 42" or 48" Deep Frames
8' to 24' Tall Frames Available in 2' Increments

Standard Features

  • 1.5 Solid 1045 Steel Axles
  • Master Reels up to 8,000 lbs
  • Safety Axle Retainer Pins
  • Reel Hanging Brackets with Replaceable Wear Resistant Insert

*This Racking is Free Standing, put Back to Back for Double Depth.


More details


Sizing Requirements

  • To Determine Overall Length of Rack, Add 3" Per Upright Frame
  • Deduct 7" From Width Opening To Determine Maximum Reel Width Per Section

Information Required

1)  Ceiling Height or Rack Height Required

2)  What is Maximum Reel Size, Diameter & Width

3)  What is Maximum Reel Weight

4)  Do you have a Sketch of the Room Layout

5)  Do you want Additional Storage above the Reels


  • Wire Decking
  • Face Hung 3rd Tier 3,500 Lb. Capacity 
  • Reel Loading Cradle
  • Reel Loader
  • DDR Guides - Wire Guides
  • Inventory Card Holders